I'm a professional nail artist, where can I buy imix?

You can click here to buy imix as a professional.

I am not based in the USA, UK or Ireland. Where can I purchase imix?

We are available in the following countries. North America, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Canada. Soon to be Greece. 

Can imix be used with any gel polish or lacquer?

Yes it can but we advise that you do not leave the miXer in any gel polishes or lacquers containing ferromagnetic materials, such as iron oxide and tin oxide. You should remove your miXer as soon as imix has finished blending.

How do I set up my imix?

For full instructions on how to set up your imix, including changing the colours and setting the timer, click here.

How do I turn off the imix lights?

If you’d prefer to turn off your imix colourful lights or you’re working in a spa and would like to create a more tranquil experience, simply hold the function button down for more than 2 seconds whilst you're in the process of changing the colours, to switch the lights off completely.

Is imix hands-free?

Yes, once you have positioned your bottle on the imix launch pad, press the function button and allow hands-free colour mixing to do it's magic.

My gel polish bottles are quite small - will the miXer fit?

We have tested imix comprehensively with most gel polish bottles. What we DO suggest is the following: If your brand comes in the smaller 7.3ml bottles and contains ball bearings inside (some don't) - remove the ball bearings FIRST by simply using your miXtractor (these can be discarded or kept - your choice), then drop the miXer into the bottle. This allows the miXer more room to do its job - MIX!

How do I get the miXer into the bottle?

Simply drop a miXer into the polish bottle, replace the brush and place the bottle on the imix launch pad. Watch as the magnetic mixing technology produces consistent, true colour. The miXers are easily removed with the miXtractor, cleaned in acetone and reused.

Once the miXer is in the bottle, do I leave it there? What happens when the bottle is empty?

For gel polishes and polishes containing ferromagnetic materials, the miXer should be removed as soon as blending is completed. Do not store the miXer in the bottle. 

For any polishes that do NOT contain ferromagnetic materials you can leave the miXer in the bottle if you wish. Once empty, use your miXtractor to remove the miXer, before cleaning in acetone OR placing it straight into your new bottle of the same colour.

How do I clean the miXers?

You can clean your miXers in acetone. Using the miXtractor, guide your miXer out of the bottle and drop into a small amount of acetone.

What happens if my ball bearings come out with the miXer?

Sometimes the ball bearings will come out with the miXer. This is completely normal. Simply remove the ball bearings from the miXer and place them back in the polish bottle.

Will my miXer still mix if my polish or gel polish does NOT contain ball bearings?

The ball bearings have nothing to do with the actual mixing itself. However, they are naturally attracted to the miXer, hence helping the process, IF they are already present in the bottle. The miXer will still be whizzing around... ball bearings or no ball bearings.

Will it make a difference to the mixing process if my bottles are square in shape?

No, imix will still happily mix square bottles. They have a larger surface area so you may not hear them whirring around... but they are!

I don’t want to use my miXer yet, where can I keep it?

We recommend storing unused miXers in a small airtight container, keeping out of reach of children and animals.

I have a polish that is many years old, do I need to do anything in advance before using imix?

Bottles that have been sat for too long may fully separate. It is recommended that, before using imix, you wake the polish up with a quick shake.

How long does imix take to mix?
The default mixing time is 5 minutes, but you can set the imix timer to run for a shorter or longer mix. Click here to find out how to set the timer.

How long will it stay mixed?

Once mixed, your bottles will stay mixed as long as they’re not left for long periods of time. If unsure, there’s no harm in giving them a little shake to wake them up or imixing again.

Can I use imix for my base and top coats?

Your base and top coats don't contain colour pigments, therefore you won't experience separation of product, so there is no need to use imix.

Does the imix and miXers work with gel polish / lacquer bottles of all shapes and sizes?

Absolutely, imix has been tried and tested with them all. 

Does imix work with gel pots?

It does, however, hard gel colours are a much thicker consistency / viscosity. This means that the miXer will stir very slowly. Depending on the consistency of the gel, will depend on the length of mixing required. We don’t believe hard gels need the imix but if the pot fits the imix and you place a miXer in it – it will stir.

Why did my imix flash white?

If you are using imix with a particularly thick gel or polish, imix will flash white. This is imix’s way of indicating that it has detected a bottle containing thick liquid. At this point the timer and the stirring will start. After 5 minutes the stirring will stop and imix will switch off, but you can set imix to stir again if you still feel your product needs it. To switch imix back on, press the function button once.

Why imix when you can shake?

Of course, you can still shake, but why would you now you have imix?! You won’t get the same blend in pigment shaking, as you will with imix. Plus, consistent shaking can contribute to health issues such as carpal tunnels syndrome. #saveourwrists

Does imix come with a plug?

imix is a universal product and comes with a 1.5 metre USB connector that can connect to any laptop or USB adaptor plug. Adaptor plugs are available to purchase separately if needed.

Where is imix produced and manufactured?

imix is made up of several components, sourced from China and the UK. imix is assembled and packaged in the UK.

Does imix come with a warranty?

Yes, imix comes with a 1 year warranty.

Why do I sometimes get black streaks in certain gel polish colours after using imix?

Iron Oxide is a compound used in some polish colours. Depending on its source and grade, small amounts may be attracted to the removal notch in the mixer. This can create a slightly larger concentration of Iron Oxide around the mixer which can be seen as streaks in unmixed colour or when removing the mixer. This should blend during mixing and should not affect performance or leave any noticeable colour difference.